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CLUE Volunteers

CLUE Volunteers are responsible for making CLUE a successful Linux User Group. Each position and its description are listed below. If you are interested in helping CLUE leadership, please drop an email to Dave Anselmi. There are currently no volunteers helping CLUE. The group continues to function through inertia and the occasional effort of random members. Dave Anselmi gets messages submitted through the form linked here. You might consider posting to the CLUE mailing list for better results.

PresidentDave Anselmi

  • Cordinate the Activities of other volunteers.
  • Call steering committee meetings.
  • Manage CLUE funds
  • Manage CLUE e-mail lists
  • Send meeting announcements
  • Respond to general inquiries regarding CLUE
  • Conduct CLUE Monthly meetings
  • Fill in for open positions.
Sponsor CoordinatorDave Anselmi
  • Collect and distribute door prizes.
  • Coordinate vendor tables.
Speaker CoordinatorDave Anselmi
  • Schedule meeting speakers.
  • Coordinate speaker abtracts between speakers and CLUE webmaster.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for the speaker.
Special Events CoordinatorDave Anselmi
  • Make arrangements for CLUE events other than meetings, such as Installfests
  • Manage the CLUE web site.
  • Coordinate contributions to the CLUE web site.

CLUE Responsibilities

Around Nov 2011 we started talking about the state of CLUE. Here is a list of things that have to be done to keep the group running. This may allow people to volunteer in a more granular way than the above list of positions and may allow us to identify what isn't getting done so we can anticipate the impact.

I don't know whether this is sufficiently granular or how related tasks might be grouped or not.

  • Arrange speakers
  • Provide space
  • Publish the meeting schedule/topics sufficiently in advance
  • Announce the meetings sufficiently in advance
  • Conduct meetings according to a standard agenda
  • Archive presentations/meeting details
  • Provide space
  • Publish details and information sufficiently in advance
  • Announce sufficiently in advance
Web site:
  • Provide hosting (fundraising?)
  • Register domain name and maintain DNS service
  • Maintain server
  • Maintain mailing lists
  • Maintain web site
  • Perform back up and restore
  • Provide organization and motivation to enable and encourage people to do the above things (perhaps this is too vague, or belongs to all of us and shouldn't be spelled out)