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CLUE DTC Meeting Archives

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CLUE DTC Presentations 2008

12 February 2008

Dennis Perkins on Licensing, particularly the GPL v.3

11 March 2008

Topic: David Rudder talks about his experiences as a software consultant

IT people tend to be an independent lot, which leads a lot of people to start their own companies. While Dave hasn't made his millions as an application vendor yet, he's been doing well as a contractor. In this talk, Dave will talk about some of his experiences, where to get new work, what kind of expenses to expect, and what hasn't worked for him. There's a lot of work for local technical people, whether it's as "web guy" or "IT guy" or "DB guy", and Dave will talk about getting past the first few steps.

David Rudder is a software developer, entrepreneur and freelance contractor. Over the past half-decade, he's moved from the corporate world of reliable paychecks and cubicle walls to the frenetic life of the self-employed. He's been using, and developing for, Linux since 1995. His product, Reliable Response Notification, is designed to help IT teams respond quicker to outages. His contracting gigs have included video surveillance front-ends, payroll systems, accounting systems, portal integration, and B2B engines. Presentation slides (70K Powerpoint — Open with OpenOffice.org Presentation)

08 April 2008

Topic: David Willson on Linux Gaming

13 May 2008

Topic: Dan Magenheimer on Linux Virtualization
  • Why is virtualization such a hot commodity?
  • What use case scenarios make the most sense?
  • What are some of the current approaches to implementing virtualization on Linux, and where are they headed?
  • How can I help the linux virtualization effort?

Dan Magenheimer is a consulting developer for Oracle Corporation working from his home in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, on "Oracle VM", Oracle's Xen-based virtualization product.

Prior to Oracle, Dan worked for HP for over 25 years, most recently as a principal research scientist at HP Labs. Dan began at HP as a member of the processor architecture team that developed PA-RISC; he wrote the first PA-RISC simulator, remote debugger, object-code emulator (for the 16-bit HP3000), integer multiplication algorithm, and linker. During the later 1980's and the 1990's, he managed various R&D teams in HP's software, server, and storage divisions. In 2001, Dan joined an HP Labs team investigating security and virtualization on the Itanium platform; this team developed vBlades, the first Itanium virtual machine monitor. When Xen was announced in 2003, Dan commenced a port of Xen to Itanium (Xen/ia64), utilizing the lessons learned in vBlades and also directly leveraging Linux/ia64 code. This effort grew to involve a multi-company, worldwide team of Itanium experts that completed the port, such that Itanium is the only fully-functional non-x86 architecture in the Xen source tree.

Presentation Slides [PDF — 3.6MB]

10 June 2008

Topic: Dennis Perkins on the Asus EeePC

08 July 2008

Topic: George Bodley will give a talk on Audacity, the Free, Open-Source software for recording and editing sound.

George has been an exclusive user of the Linux Operating System for nearly a decade. He will demonstrate how he uses Audacity, and other open source programs to edit wav and mp3 files.

Audacity is a free, easy-to-use audio editor and recorder for open source Linux distributions, and the more costly proprietary operating systems.

Audacity: Features

He will also go over converting audio CD's to mp3 format with K3B, and applying the mp3 ID tags with Easy Tag.

12 August 2008

Topic: Rick Burton on The GIMP

The GIMP - lessons learned over the last year of beginning my journey into astrophotography and image processing. A brief demo of unsharp masking, color processing, layer modes, and greyscale levels.

09 September 2008


14 October 2008


11 November 2008

Topic: Zimbra with David Willson

Need to go beyond email? Looking for instant messaging, calendar, tasks, document and file sharing, and threaded email in an attractive, open-source, cross-platform, server-based solution that's reasonably secure by default? Leaving Microsoft Exchange behind or avoiding it altogether? Check out the Zimbra demo at CLUE

Dave Willson is a network engineer with 14 years of field experience, supporting Windows and a variety of other Microsoft products, and 9 years of experience supporting Samba, PostgreSQL, WU-IMAP, and sendmail on Linux. His favorite distributions are Fedora, Knoppix, and OpenSUSE.

09 December 2008