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CLUE North Meeting Archives

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CLUE North Presentations 2002

Meeting: 19 December 2002
MAIN Session Topic: Remote Access Linux by Sean Reifschneider

A discussion and demonstration of different types of remote access for Linux, discussing shared terminal and disconnected session access with "screen", accessing remote X sessions with VNC, and using x2x to give one keyboard/mouse access to multiple displays (poor-mans multi-head).

Sean Reifschneider is a Member of Techhnical Staff for tummy.com, ltd., where he develops and supports Linux-based solutions for clients. Sean has been using Unix since the mid 80's and Linux since 1994, both professionally and personally.

Meeting Month: November 2002

MAIN Session Topic: Web Programming by Matt Gushee

The Python language offers a wealth of tools for web development. In addition to the standard libraries, which include simple HTTP client and server support, there are a number of third-party packages available. This presentation will compare three web application toolkits, each representing a very different approach:

  • Zopei
    The Zope application server provides a powerful object framework and a simple web-based management interface, allowing developers to rapidly assemble complex applications from a variety of custom and pre-built components.
  • 4Suite
    4Suite is a Swiss army knife for XML developers, offering a portable data repository and advanced support for XSLT, RDF, and other XML-related standards.
  • Quixote
    While perhaps less ambitious than the other two products, Quixote may be a good choice for developers who just want to get some work done. It uses a Python-based template language to generate pages.

We will then examine a useful application developed with one of these toolkits.

Matt Gushee is an XML and Web Services consultant. He has been working with Python for four years and has been a member of the 4Suite development team. He lives with his wife, Taeko, and son, Kazuki, in the pleasantly bland suburb of Englewood.

Meeting Month: October 2002

MAIN Session Topic: Linux for Your Lab by Edward H. Hill III, PhD

This talk will present various examples demonstrating how Linux and other Free and/or Open Source projects can be used in academic/research or engineering laboratory settings. The talk will focus on Linux uses that are not common in typical office or business settings (eg. the talk is not about email/print/file /web servers). Examples will be drawn from:

  • data acquisitiona and porces automation;
  • data analysis and visualization;
  • scientific computing and grid-like ("idle worksation");
  • authoring papers and presentations (examples with LaTeX and BibTeX).

Ed is a post-doctoral researcher with the Environmental Science and Engineering Division at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. His interests include:

  • theoretical and experimental aspects of subsurface flow and transport,
  • X-ray and gamma-ray attenuation techniques for experimental measurement of porous media fluid mechanics,
  • subsurface NAPL remediation,
  • computational methods for simulation and analysis of the above-mentioned processes, and
  • all manner of Linux, Unix, Free Software, and Open-Source computing.

Meeting Month: September 2002

MAIN Session Topic: Linux Certification with Crawford Rainwater

Thinking of earning your Linux certification or want more to learn more about Linux training and education?

Crawford Rainwater, CEO of the ITEC Company will discuss this topic during the CLUE North main session. Mr. Rainwater is a SAIR Linux and GNU Linux Certified Professional. He has been consulting in the information technology field for the past eight years, with Linux being his main focus for the past three. He holds a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado.

Meeting Month: August 2002

MAIN Session Topic: Linux on the IBM Mainframe by Dave Pitts

Linux on the IBM Mainframe? What is this beast? Where did it come from? I'll have answers to these questions and more. I'll also demo the RedHat version running under the Herculesemulator.

Dave has been a software developer since 1973 and working with Linux since 1995. In 1992 I began working on the i370 version of GCC which became the basis of the current s390 version that begat Linux. The i370 version still runs on OS/390.