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CLUE North Meeting Archives

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CLUE North Presentations 2004

15 January 2004

Meeting Topic: Kernel Compilation 101 with Crawford Rainwater

Linux itself revolves around a central keystone called the kernel. This is the core that allows various software applications to communicate between one another and with the existing hardware of the system. Compiling a kernel becomes a key aspect of learning, customizing, and eventually optimizing Linux distributions. This presentation will go into the basics of why, followed by a "how to" compile the Linux kernel from TUI to GUI methods.

Crawford Rainwater is the CEO of Linux Etc. and holds the Linux+, LCP, LPIC-1, and RHCT Linux certifications. He has been consulting in the information technology field for the past nine years, with Linux being his main focus for the past five. He holds a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, and a Bachelors of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics from Vanderbilt University.

23 February 2004

Meeting Topic: Implementing Netsaint/Nagios for network monitoring using Mandrake 8.0 with George Boutwell.

What is Netsaint/Nagios? An open source host, service and network monitoring program. Who uses it? Lots of people, including many big name companies and organizations. Where can I get more details on it? Right here.

George Boutwell is currently Sr. Programmer for Valley Hope Association, an Alcohol & Drug treatment company in Norton, KS. He has been tinkering with and implementing Linux as a solution to various problems for 4+ years. He's tried or worked with numerous distributions including RedHat, Mandrake, Debian, Knoppix, and Xandros. He's currently trying to complete is BS in Computer Science.

22 March 2004

Meeting Topic: Linux And Laptops with Kevin Fenzi

How Linux works on laptops, including APM/ACPI power management, wireless networking, and how to choose a laptop thats Linux compatible and other pitfalls to running Linux on your laptop.

Kevin Fenzi is the co-author of the Linux Security HOWTO, and has been using Linux both professionally and personally for almost 10 years. Kevin works for Tummy.com, LTD, a Linux consulting firm based in Fort Collins.

26 April 2004

Meeting Topic: Rescheduled

24 May 2004

Meeting Topic: Oracle on Linux Installfest with Todd Trichler from Oracle Corporation

Todd Trichler from Oracle will be there to assist and distribute Oracle 10g and other Oracle goodies at the meeting. People are encouraged to bring in their laptops and try to get Oracle up and running.

We will have internet access (WiFi as well as CAT5) thanks to DeVry.

28 Jun 2004

Meeting Topic: A Tour of Linux Distributions with Evelyn Mitchell

With the introduction of Red Hat Fedora, the Linux distributions landscape has shifted. This talk will be a brief tour of a variety of distributions and their target markets. It's designed to be an introduction to the things to consider when choosing a distribution.

Evelyn Mitchell is co-founder and managing partner of tummy.com, ltd., a Linux consultancy based in Fort Collins.

26 July 2004

Meeting Topic: Linux Certifications with Crawford Rainwater

The present day IT market is always a highly competitive field from the individual consultant to the consulting business. With the increasing demand for knowledgeable Linux consultants comes the need for qualification of Linux skill sets. From the opposite end, end clients and companies want to be able to quickly assess their potential Linux resources to find "the perfect fit". The solution, Linux certifications. This presentation will discuss about the past, present, and future of Linux certifications.

Crawford Rainwater is the President and CEO of The Linux ETC Company, a Linux training and consulting firm. He currently holds Comptia's Linux+, SAIR's Linux Certified Professional ("LCP"), Linux Professional Institute Level 1 Certification ("LPIC-1"), and RedHat's Certified Technician ("RHCT") as well as a Master Of Science in electrical engineering, and a Bachelors Of Engineering in electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematics.

23 August 2004

Meeting Topic: User Mode Linux ("UML") with George Boutwell

In the same computing space as VMWare and Bochs, but with a slightly different approach is User-Mode-Linux. With an goal to run Linux inside Linux, it offers and interesting technology for a variety of situations. This talk will introduce you to User-Mode-Linux, highlight several typical uses, then go into the details of configuring a host, configuring a guest, and general use of User-Mode-Linux.

George P. Boutwell is the principal behind Boutwell Software & Services the primary source of Linux and Software Development solutions in NW KS (primarily Norton, KS).

27 September 2004

Meeting Topic: Apache on Linux with Dave Anselmi

Apache is the most widely used web server on the Internet. We'll talk about how web servers work (HTTP) and how to configure Apache by looking at a real example that covers basic and intermediate features. Your Linux distribution should make installing Apache easy, but if you need

Dave is a self-taught programmer, system and network administrator, and Linux enthusiast. He has been dabbling in Linux since 1995 and is finally starting to understand a little of it. (He's also quite modest.)

25 October 2004

Main Topic: How to Hack Wireless Networks with John Hamilton

If you use wireless networks, learn why you should be concerned about security. John will demonstrate a number of the Open Source tools that are being used to hack into wireless networks. He will also present suggestions on what you can do to secure your wireless network against these hacks.

Professionally John is a digital IC design engineer for a biomedical company called Medtronic where he designs integrated circuits using a Linux workstation. Personally, he's been a Linux enthusiast for about 6 years. John also volunteers at a local elementary school where a group of people have created a complete network infrastructure based on Linux. This includes a wireless network, which is where he gained most of his experience with wireless networks.

29 November 2004

Mini FixFest

CLUE-North will be hosting a "mini FixFest". What is a mini FixFest you ask? We recently held an InstallFest and figured that people had the basics installed on their systems, but there are probably a few minor items that need to be worked out or "tweeked". So this is an opportunity for people to work things out with a few Linux savvy folks around.

Monitors, keyboards, mice, and internet connectivity (wired and wireless) will be provided thanks to DeVry.

December 2004

No CLUE-North meeting this month, due to the holidays